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Amiga 2000 CoPro Adapter – PCB only


This is an un-assembled CPU relocator PCB board for the Amiga 2000 that allows cards which replace the CPU to be installed in the CPU upgrade slot of your A2000. Although there is no guarantee this adapter will work for all such cards, it should work fine for the TerribleFire 68000 replacement cards/accelerators.

This is a bare PCB only, with gold contacts, and requires the sourcing and soldering on of a DIP64 68000 socket (and two headers if INT2/OVR is required).

Care should be taken when installing this adapter as the edge connector on the A2000 is not keyed. There is clear lettering on the board showing which direction the adapter should face when installed. In general, the 68000 CPU should be removed when using this adapter. This board can also be used to just move the 68000 CPU itself, although that is not why it was created. INT/OVR points are included on the board for use with the TF530 and cards which need these signals.

For additional usage notes and credits for the original designers (Kipper2k and SukkoPera), please see:

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