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Amiga 1000 Kickstart switcher


This is a fully-assembled PCB that allows, after modification of your A1000 (please note!), the use of one or more Kickstart ROMs (A500 or A2000 ROMs), removing the need to use a Kickstart disk at bootup.

You will need to move the 68000 CPU from your A1000 to this board’s CPU socket. This adapter is then inserted into the CPU slot. This should not be attempted it you are not comfortable with modifying your A1000’s motherboard as well as removing and transplanting chips. Details of the required motherboard modifications are noted on the back of the PCB and in the instructions linked below.

This version includes a premium (i.e. – expensive)  turned-pin socket with gold inserts for the CPU, and 2 standard DIL sockets for the ROMs. Turned pin headers on the bottom help make a better connection to the motherboard CPU slot.

CREDITS: This board was designed by EzdineG and originally posted on the Amiga Love forums.
Instructions for use can be found at:
Attribution and link to the Gerber files can be found at:

DISCLAIMER: This adapter requires modification of your hardware. OSVG accepts no responsibility for any damage to any equipment that results from the use of this board or said modifications. A certain level of skill and soldering experience is needed to complete this project. Use at your own risk.

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